Business Valuation Services

Every business owner wonders what their business is worth on the open market. Henry Weaks has valued hundreds of businesses in Southern California during the last decade in virtually every industry.

Henry knows, as a former business owner who successfully sold his own company to a multi-national corporation that you don’t want to list your business too low, or too high, turning off the real buyers.

When you work with Henry Weaks’ Business Valuation Services, the goal is a simple one – to create an accurate and comprehensive  valuation that will stand up to scrutiny, by reflecting the maximum achievable fair market price.  Business owners must never forget that the market determines the ultimate selling price.

Henry Weaks uses the nation’s best and largest database of comparable sales, particularly those located in Southern California, to help you establish a fair market price.  Additionally, he reviews factors unique to your particular business or industry that may make it more valuable.

In the competitive world of Southern California and Los Angeles Business Opportunities, without Henry’s professional valuation, a business owner must be prepared to defend their opinion of value – which is often based on sentiment, not facts.

His expert valuation of your company is rooted in his depth of experience, his vast knowledge of many Los Angeles Business Opportunities, and his use of the leading Business Valuation Services techniques.

The professional business valuation that he creates will become your best tool to obtain the maximum selling price for your company.

The value of small and mid-sized businesses typically depend on 4 key value factors:

  • Seller’s Discretionary Earnings (SDE)
  • Risk
  • Terms of the Sale
  • Industry

Learn more about how to MAXIMIZE the value of your business today by receiving Henry’s Business Valuation Services Fact Sheet, “The 4 Key Value Factors that Small and Mid-sized Companies Depend on to Maximize Their Value”.