Sell My Business: A Primer

I work with business owners like you – motivated to sell and seriously thinking about the next phase of life.  The question I am asked most often by sellers is…..What do I need to do to successfully sell my business?

I know both as a veteran business owner and as one of the established members of the Los Angeles Business Brokers community, that most owners really struggle with the uncertainties and challenges of selling their companies, and most owners would really want expert help from someone they can trust.

My passion is offering a solution by helping you successfully get through the “Sell My Business” process.  So, if selling is in your future, my passion is your gain.   I will give you innovative ideas, imaginative solutions, and the necessary hard work to successfully prepare, market, and sell your business.

Sell My Business – What really makes me different from other Los Angeles Business Brokers?

  1. I have actually “walked in your shoes”. Having been owner/CEO of a large family owned distribution business with over 150 employees, and having successfully sold that business, I completely empathize with your feelings.  I understand your frustrations, and fears of change, as well as your hopes and dreams, as you look to move on.  So, I am different from most other Los Angeles Business Brokers.  I am, like you, a veteran businessman. I have “been in the trenches” and am not learning on your time.
  2. When you tell me “I want to sell my business “, my job is to listen to you and understand your company and its uniqueness and to clearly articulate this to potential buyers.Knowing that I adhere to “The 10 Steps to Successfully Selling Your Business” will give you the expected results you want.
  3. I understand that you expect superior customer service during the sell my business process. I know I did, when I sold my company.  That is one of the cornerstones of my practice.  I am available to you 24/7 either at my office or on my cellular phone. Good communication is essential to developing mutual trust and achieving ultimate success.
  4. Finally, different from many other Los Angeles Business Brokers, I give you added value with such services as developing with you and your advisors an effective Exit Strategy.   I know that this kind of “in depth” involvement by me in your planning process gives you the results you are looking for.

Sell My Business –  Contact Henry Weaks Business Sales and Acquisitions

When you engage my services, you, the business seller, receive expert representation.  You will avoid making mistakes that will cost you dearly, and you will gain the most after-tax dollars for your company, bringing you “more money, more security, more life”.