Confidentiality Agreement – Business owners look on maintaining confidentiality as the most important element of the sales process.  As such, they ask that we have potential Purchasers execute a Confidentiality Agreement, also  commonly known as a Non-Disclosure Agreement,  agreeing that all information received shall be  treated as confidential and proprietary.

Buyer Profile – When selling a business, business owners are asked to reveal much information that is confidential and sensitive. Therefore, they have asked us to screen potential Purchasers to determine if they have the financial and managerial capabilities to complete the purchase of their business.  We will only use this  document to determine which businesses fit your criteria. Until we receive the Buyer’s Profile  completed in its entirety, we are unable to give out specific information regarding our business listings.

Agency Disclosure – A California Business Broker, as licensed by the Department of Real Estate, can legally act as the agent of both the Seller and the Buyer in a transaction (dual agency) and is hereby notifying you that  this is the situation in most  transactions. Making the introduction in a business opportunity transaction  does not relieve a  Seller or Buyer from the responsibility to protect his/her own interests. You should  carefully read all agreements to assure that they adequately express your understanding of the  transaction. A business broker is a person qualified to advise about buying and/or selling business  opportunities. If legal or tax  advice is desired, consult a competent professional.