Business Opportunities for Sale

For a first time business buyer thinking of becoming your own boss, Henry Weaks methodology for helping you find the right business opportunities for sale starts with a simple question.

Are you an Entrepreneur?

If you are very independent, have a tolerance for higher risks, have the financial resources and have decided to change your lifestyle, then you are ready to take the first step with Henry.

As one of the premier Southern California Business Brokers, Henry will tell you that finding  good business opportunities for sale is a time intensive process.   His 5-step process will help you maximize that time.

1. Defining Your Goals

In a personal one-on-one meeting, Henry will help you evaluate your goals and expectations.  He believes before you start looking for business opportunities for sale, determining where you want to end up, both in expected income and life style, are key to your success.   His personal attention to your needs is one of the reasons he has become one of the leading Southern California Business Brokers.

2.   Creating Your Success

Henry will give you a Buyer’s Profile to complete and will review this document with you to assure that your financial resources and professional expertise are consistent with your expectations.  This document will be used in qualifying you for the right business opportunities for sale that are right for you.

3.   Identifying Your Opportunities

As a leader among the Southern California Business Brokers Henry will refer you to his extensive data-base of businesses on the market.

He works hard with you to eliminate a “scattershot” approach to acquiring your first business.  His process helps you target businesses opportunities for sale that you qualify for financially and are a good fit for your interest and skill set.

4. Meeting Sellers

After identifying business opportunities for sale that are right for you, Henry will supply you with a Confidential Business Review and summary financial information for each business.  After a full discussion and your strong interest in seeing one of the businesses first hand, Henry will coordinate a confidential meeting for you with the seller.

5.  Making an Offer to Purchase

Following a complete analysis of the business on which you want to make a formal offer , Henry will help you structure  and then negotiate the terms of a Purchase Agreement.   Finally, he will work with you and the seller to complete the Due Diligence and Escrow Process.

Henry uses this 5-step method to help you successfully evaluate business opportunities for sale.    His innovative ideas and unparalleled customer service are one of the many reasons he has become one of the most successful Southern California Business Brokers.

Contact Henry Weaks @ 800.979.8570 for a no cost private consultation.